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Video Series 'Website Crisis’ No 3 – What Happens When You Believe The Thought? Holding On!

Emotions are the bell or laser pointer to show us where we are off our best game. Emotions as not bad perse.

Emotions are the temple bell to show us where we are believing something that is not in tune with reality. No need to push them away, ignore them, get angry at your anger or depressed because of your depression. Use them as the way to self-realization – getting to know yourself better. Where does this emotion come from? From what I am believing in this moment! How does it make me feel when I believe that? How do I treat others (how do I speak to them, do I even speak to them, do I give them the look)? How do I treat myself? Do I see myself as a victim, the one who ALWAYS has to do this? What images do I see from the past that justify me in my anger or sadness? And what anticipation do I have of the future when I believe this. The 3rd question in the Work shows you the effect of your beliefs on your emotions, your body, your communication with others, your behavior towards others and the outcome you get as a consequence of this. Just ask yourself: is this thought helping me or harming me?

You can be your own wise self with THE WORK and open your mind to new perspectives and more peace of mind. Check out Embracing Life Online Workshop Series


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