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Video Series 'Website Crisis’ No 5 – Trying on new shoes!

After you have answered the 4 questions of The Work your mind is a little more open. You may have noticed there are more ways to look at the situation you are in.

How and where can you take responsibility for your own state of mind, for your own inner peace, for your own part in any encounter. Let’s make it concrete by turning around a thought or grievance you have about someone. You might be surprised by what you find! ‘My husband is criticizing me’. Ask yourself how you were criticizing him in that moment. Can you find an example? Could it be true that he was NOT criticizing you? Were you perhaps criticizing yourself - taking a comment from someone else so personal that you hurt yourself more than they did! Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can solve your feelings of frustration or show how you can give yourself what you were making other people responsible for…

You can be your own wise self with THE WORK and open your mind to new perspectives and more peace of mind. Check out Embracing Life Online Workshop Series


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