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Video Series 'Website Crisis’ No 7 – More leanings from this deep dive!

In this last video from our series ‘Website Crisis‘ we look at additional learnings from the Judge-Your-Neighbor worksheet and how they have made Desiree’s life more peaceful and fulfilling.

We often think we understand our life and still we can find new insights every time we take an honest look. It is totally worth your time to fill out the whole sheet and do The Work on all the statements that cause you stress, frustration, or other negative feelings. This is creating awareness and positive self-management at its best! We invite you to take a look at your situations and do The Work. If you would like to do this in a supportive and guided way, join us in our next workshop “From Fighting to Forgiving” - making your relationships more loving, from 24th March until 7th April 2021.



You can be your own wise self with THE WORK and open your mind to new perspectives and more peace of mind. Check out Embracing Life Online Workshop Series


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