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Video Series 'Website Crisis’ No 8 – About Control And The Choices That You Have!!

Do you want to take more ownership of your life? Start by focusing on the things that you have control over!

In all other cases – whether you want other people to behave in a different way or you want to change the way things are – you have 3 choices. You can either love it, change it or leave it. Everything that you think, say or do, is within your power. You have full control about this! Everything someone else thinks, says or does is NOT in your power. You have no control about this! If you don’t like what someone else says or does, then you always have the options to share your opinion about it, request a different way of interacting or choosing to change your reaction towards that person as result of the interaction. People might be open to change if you help them, explain yourself better, or put emotional pressure on them….;o) Whether they actually do change is not in your control. You only have control over the input, not the output. Same goes for the reality of this moment. You cannot change the way things are right now. You can work on changing things or deal with them in a different way. Again, you have control over the input, not the output. Becoming aware of the wisdom to stay in your own business is the greatest gift you can give yourself! Let’s see, how this played out in Desiree’s situation …


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