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Video Series 'Website Crisis' -The Situation And The Trigger

We received some questions after our last videos about Embracing Life and about the Work. We have made new videos to show what we mean by it.

The Work is a tool to get back to inner peace, how to live this inner peace and allow you to Embrace Life fully.

Let’s start with a question: what upsets us? When things don’t go the way, we want them to go! We have a wish, an expectation, an image, a goal that is not being met. Our normal reaction: we want to push other people harder, or we blame ourselves, start drinking, eating, escaping. Our emotions: we get mad or depressed. These emotions are not bad. We can use them in a better way. Use them to explore our reactions and our thinking. The first clarity you get is writing down what upsets you. Do it honestly and no holding back.

Desiree has a great example with her husband that we will use to show how you get clarity, how you can take ownership and take (effective) action.

You can be your own wise self with THE WORK and open your mind to new perspectives and more peace of mind. Check out Embracing Life Online Workshop Series


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