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Why for me, surrender is the beginning of taking action!

This might sound like an oxymoron, but let me explain.

"The lock down in this crisis has triggered for many people an internal resistance or mental block. Some moved from an open mindset to a closed mindset due to the loss of control, uncertainty and disconnect from their networks and support structures. Rules that where set up in the past, did not apply anymore and plans of the future have gone up in smoke.

So what feeling are now shaping our actions and thoughts? Can you name yours? Is it fear, worry, sadness, loss, confusion, helplessness, restlessness, frustration, hyperactivity? Of course, we are not stuck in them and in the course of the day we move also into happiness, anticipation and calm – we are a conundrum or many feelings. So, when ever you find yourself on the negative side of this scale and are stuck or immobile, it is time to surrender to the reality of “what is”. Accept that all has changed, stop wishing for all to go back to what is was. Surrender to the feelings and allow them to show up and name them and see them for what they are – feelings – and they come and go all the time. They are never permanent. Once you are totally letting go of trying to focus on “what is not anymore” and are surrendering to “what is now”, you can see it for what it is, clear and real.

Now, with the clarity and without the attachment of the past, it is time to find out what you like and what you don’t like, what options you have to adjust and change, to start creating your new future. That is when the excitement is coming back, because life is going on if we do something or not. So, we have the choice to stay put and stuck or to surrender and start from where we are right now to where we want to go tomorrow.

(If you want to read some more about “Loving what is”, read Byron Katies book)


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