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Are you scarred for life?

Many people have scars on their bodies. You might have a big scar from an operation on your leg after an accident, or a long scar on your belly from the c-section during birth, or even a big scar across your chest where your breast used to be before cancer took over. These scars might change the way you see yourself. Attached to each scar is the story of how you got the scar. Some people have scars they tell about often and other people don’t want to be reminded about them. Some show their scar with pride because they survived or endured something, and some hide it with all their might because they feel broken or ugly or shameful.

Do you have a scar that has changed how you see yourself or how you feel about your body? Is it more positive or more negative? If you want to feel more like a heroine instead of being scarred for life in a negative way, we know a way to revisit your story. It’s a way of looking at your thoughts, opinions and beliefs about your body and scars with kindness. It’s a way to develop a more healthy and positive perception which will heal your mind and make you feel content in your own skin. It is not creating a new story that is not true to you, it is rather opening your mind and searching for your truths – and believe me, there are always more sides to each event or experience. By finding more ways to look at it and think about it, you set yourself free from being held hostage from one negative way to look at your scar.

If you would like to learn how, join us at our next online workshop “How to go from Shaming to Claiming - owning and appreciating your own body, January 20th, 2021.


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