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Embracing Life

What if …everybody can have a life they truly love.

This does not mean that all are rich, healthy, relaxed and worry free. Life is there to be fully lived with all the ups and downs. Yet how we relate to the ups and downs and what story we tell ourselves about them, defines how we experience our life. That is the good news, because it gives us great power about our life. We cannot control what others do, say or think, or what life throws at us, but we have full ownership about what we do, say or think. Sometimes we just need time to reflect, some help to change perspective and support to question our thoughts in a constructive way. To help with that, my friend Marjan de Boer and I are offering a new online workshop series called “Embracing Life” where we focus on different topics like:

Especially during the ongoing pandemic, we had more and more conversations where people were suffering from tormenting thoughts and depression. Gaining weight, fighting with family members while being locked into small spaces for a long time or feeling especially lonely during lockdown. Sitting alone with all your voices in your head talking nonstop can be hard to manage without a good strategy and approach.

If you want to reclaim how you feel about yourself and your life, if you want to be in charge of creating a life you love and if you are ready to do the work it takes to get there, we are ready for you. Join us on the path to embracing life.

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