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What would you do to have a body you love?

It is really mind-boggling that even the most beautiful women have issues with their bodies.

We are so critical and unfair, and it has nothing to do with where we come from, how we are raised or if we have a degree. We know all our shortcomings by heart and see the beauty in others. Why is that so? Why are we so harsh on ourselves? Take one week and honestly write down all the negative thoughts you have about your body, your looks, your weight, your hair, nails, legs, eyes etc. Do not sensor your thoughts or try to be politically correct when you write down your internal talk. Be brutally honest to really see how you treat yourself, your body, and your soul if you think: “oh my god, I am so fat …” or, “my hair is mess …” or, “gosh, my face is looking sooo old today …”.

You would never let others talk to you that way, would you? Yet, your own voice in your head is abusing you - probably daily. What do you think would happen if you would stop thinking those negative thoughts? Are you afraid you would not do anything anymore to stay young, fit and beautiful, or do you see the future to be more loving and kinder towards yourself? Just imagine the feeling if it were possible to be more motivated to do what is in your power to keep this body healthy and vibrant without those negative thoughts! We talk about diversity and inclusion so much right now. Why not love the diversity of bodies and be more inclusive and accepting about our own shape and form to start with? If you would like to learn how, join us at our next online workshop “How to go from Shaming to Claiming - owning and appreciating your own body, January 20th, 2021.


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