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Who is your judge?

Ok, today I am asking you to think about which of the following statements is true for you.

Or maybe find some statements you often use out loud or in your head and write them down.

Here are some of the statements I have used, or clients of mine have told me about:

  • I am too old to wear this dress / to start my own company / to sign up for this dating-site etc.

  • I am too young to apply for this job / to take on this responsibility / to be taken seriously

  • I am too fat to find a good partner / to wear this kind of clothing / to be happy

  • I am not clever enough to have a career I like / to be taken seriously / to be respected

  • My body is too unattractive to find a partner / to be loved by anyone

  • I am too boring to find friends or a partner

  • I am too chaotic to achieve anything big

  • I am not good enough to … be a mother/ a business owner/ a wife / a speaker

So, let me ask you …. “Compared to what or whom?” Who is the judge of this? Who sets the standards? Is it the magazines that show these perfect people having perfect lives? Is it the influencers or Instagram personalities that only show the best pictures and create an online persona that is flawless? Are you truly willing to let these advertisers, bloggers, strange men and women define your standards? Are you really accepting a bad rating according to their rule book? It all starts with the judgements in your mind that create the emotions that you feel when you look at yourself or think about your ability or beauty. Let us show you how you can examine your thinking and with that change your whole world. . You might just find yourself loving your life and all that is in it … including yourself! If you would like to learn how, join us at our next online workshop “How to go from Shaming to Claiming - owning and appreciating your own body, January 20th, 2021.


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